mobeefree is TalkFree.Com’s newest retail service brand that was launched in Qatar, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia on February of this year. Here is a review of their recently released PC dialer.


  • The dialer’s interface is straightforward and simple-to-use.
  • The tabs are clearly marked for easy navigation and the dial pad has a large number display with voice/volume controls.
  • mobeefree’s PC dialer allows you to add funds to your account INSTANTLY (unlike most other dialers).
  • Cheap rates. Of all the VoIP service providers I’ve found, mobeefree offers the lowest call rates to Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. And even though their rates to India aren’t exactly the cheapest, you do get 8 FREE MINUTES TO CALL INDIA just by signing up.


  • SMS functionality is still under development, but their customer support has assured me that it will be out soon.
  • Can not sign up from the dialer itself.


The only thing preventing me from giving mobeefree’s pc dialer a perfect score is it’s lack of SMS capabilities, but here’s the bottom line: if you need to make phone calls from your computer, mobeefree’s PC dialer is one of the easiest and cheapest options on the VoIP market. And to me, that also makes them one of the best.

Feel free to leave a message and tell me what YOU think about mobeefree’s PC dialer…