Launched in September of 2009, Rynga is one of the many VoIP carrier brands (33 at last count) created by Betamax. Here are my thoughts about their services.


  • Free mobile and PC dialers – both of which have attractive, user-friendly interfaces
  • Free call destinations
  • “Freedays” of calling
  • Language support


  • it took over ten tries to register an account
  • Rynga’s payment system is constantly malfunctioning – it took nearly a week to buy credit
  • not to mention, their resellers are unresponsive to my credit requests
  • they keep reducing my number of “freedays” – I went from 120 to 40 in just a couple days!
  • currency denominations are in Euros
  • at times, my dialers simply won’t connect
  • terrible customer service – perhaps the worst I’ve ever encountered. They ignore your inquiries, and there’s no number to call directly
  • AND maybe worst of all, their call rates fluctuate!  In the week that I’ve been using them, they raised their call rates to Nepal mobile from .1160 to .1190 cents


My experience with Rynga was horrible, but apparently I’m not the only one who feels that way (I’ll also refer you to the comments section of this blog post).  I could deal with the service delays, faulty systems, etc., but deceiving your customers with “freeday” tricks and raising rates on Fridays (when call traffic is at its highest) is totally unacceptable.