Kwickconnect is a newly released PC dialer from TalkFree. Please read on for my thoughts about it.


  • The dialer’s interface is straightforward and simple-to-use.
  • The tabs are clearly marked for easy navigation and the dial pad has a large number display with voice/volume controls.
  • like mobeefree’s PC dialer, but unlike most others, kwickconnect allows you to add funds to your account instantly using a coupon.
  • Rates are based off TalkFree wholesale mark ups by resellers – for wholesale rates go to the TalkFree reseller sign up page.


  • SMS functionality is still under development, but their customer support has assured me that it will be out soon.
  • Can not sign up from the dialer itself.
  • Can not add contacts.


Similar to mobeefree, kwickconnect is a very good PC dialer. TalkFree has been trying to improve on their previous pc to phone dialer, BlackDialer, and it looks like they’re off to a great start with kwickconnect.